Artist statement

I usually work very slowly. Before actually beginnig a piece, I do lots of scetching and thinking: I wait, try to visualise and find a way for the idea. This vague idea, feeling or tought must be very thoroughly developed before I make that first stroke. While I´m doing my thinking and developing, I refer to old scetches and notes. These small bits of paper function as some kind of subconscious keys. When the feeling has taken a solid enough shape, I begin working it into its final form. The theme I´ve used in almost all of my work has been loneliness. In some pieces this is stated more clearly, in others it is more subtle. In my work it is more a question of trying to convey the feeling of inconsolable loneliness than to actually illustrate lonely moments.


Antti Tanttu was born in Malaga, Spain and currently lives in Espoo and works in Helsinki. He studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Helsinki between 1984–89. His works often deal with issues such as solitude, absence and longing. Tanttu has participated in solo and group exhibitions since 1986 in e.g. Gallery Heino in Helsinki, Sara Hildén Art Museum in Tampere, Finland and Norrtälje Kunsthalle in Sweden, as well as in festivals and events around the world.